Our Favourite Style Secrets From The Stylists Themselves

Stylists like to create the impression that the clothes they put their clients and themselves in are all high fashion and highly expensive items. But their real talents lie in finding items of clothing that are really stylish but aren’t going to make a major dent on your bank balance. Here we are taking a look at some of the top stylist’s fashion secrets and trends that are actually shoppable.

Shop In The Men’s Section
If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the women’s section then perhaps you have to cross that line into menswear. Wearing your boyfriend’s jeans or shirt are particularly big trends this season and you might even find that it is a great place to shop for accessories too, especially if you are looking for something a little oversized than the usual petite women’s accessories.

Embrace Multiple Prints
Often people become overwhelmed when they start to mix and match several prints but don’t worry about the consequences and don’t hold back. One of the best places to experiment with this style is at festivals as the majority of people will be in a good mood or out of their mind and you’ll be able to see how your outfit goes down in public.

Wait For The Sales
Usually when we see something new and shiny the desire to buy it becomes overwhelming. How many of us have tricked ourselves into believing our lives would be complete as long as we had a piece of clothing or a new bag. Unless the item you are literally looking at is the last one in stock and the end of the line, we’d suggest taking your time making the decision and even waiting till the sales happen. This way you will not only make a more educated decision and could save yourself some big buck too.

Team Birkenstocks With Leather
Birkenstocks might not have been the coolest footwear over the years but now they are finally having their time. To create a chic and casual look try teaming a pair of them with leather – a jacket or trousers.

Statement Sunglasses
A lot of people wear sunglasses to hide away their hung-over or puffy eyes but lets not forget that sunglasses are a fashion accessory and can be a great way to make a style statement. So don’t just choose another pair of sunglasses that will make you blend into the crowd and instead opt for more of a statement pair.

Wardrobes Are For Clothes You Love, Not Like
How many of us have infinite wardrobe space or a purse to match our spending desires? Not many that’s for sure. Therefore when you are buying clothes it is pretty important to buy clothes you love rather than those you simply just like or have settled with. Yes we’d like to bring home everything from a shop but if you fill up your wardrobe with average clothes then you aren’t going to have a good time getting ready.

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